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New Facebook Business Suite Features Include Scheduling Stories and Editing Scheduled Posts

By Aprile 20, 2021Gennaio 13th, 2022No Comments

Last year we introduced Facebook Business Suite, a single place to help you manage your business across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. By bringing together important tools like messaging, posting, insights and advertising capabilities, Business Suite makes it easier to manage your business’ online presence so you have time to focus on what matters most. It’s also helped businesses around the world expand their audience — 2 out of 3 surveyed users said Business Suite helped them connect with more customers.1

We’ve heard business owners are always looking for ways to streamline content creation by planning ahead, and these new features are designed to do just that. Here’s what’s new:

Post and Schedule Stories

You may already know that scheduling posts ahead of time using Business Suite is a helpful way to save time while staying connected to your community. Now you can create, publish and schedule Stories to Facebook and Instagram too, simply by selecting “Create Story” on Home, or by navigating to the “Posts & Stories” tab on the Business Suite app on iOS,Android or desktop.2 For more information on how to post and schedule Stories, visit our Help Center.

Edit Scheduled Posts

If you need to make changes to a scheduled post, head to the “Scheduled Posts” section of the “Posts & Stories” tab on mobile or desktop, select the post you want to edit, and choose “Edit Post.” After saving your changes, you can view a preview of the updated post — and all other planned content — in the “Calendar” section of “Posts & Stories.” Check out the Help Center for step-by-step instructions to create, edit, schedule and delete posts.

Coming Soon: Create and Manage Albums

In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to publish and manage all of your Facebook Photos and Albums from Business Suite by navigating to the “Posts & Stories” tab. Creating Albums is a useful and engaging way to showcase your business’ personality and share new products or services.

Coming Soon: Save Posts in Drafts

For those great ideas that strike on the fly, you’ll soon be able to create Facebook and Instagram posts to save as drafts. Here’s how: in the Business Suite mobile app or on desktop, create a post or story from the Home screen, or by heading to the “Post & Stories” tab. Once you’re finished, choose “Save as Draft” to come back to it at a later date.

We’re creating more tools to help you save time, connect with customers, and grow your business, so stay tuned for the latest updates. In the meantime, learn more about how to manage your online presence with Business Suite, and see how small businesses are finding success, like EKO Piekarnia Kiełtyka and Stars N Skyes Travel.

If you’re not using Business Suite yet, give it a try on desktop or on the mobile app on iOS or Android.

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